Country Store and Office

After decades of faithful service, we decided it was time to put our old office and souvenir shop buildings out to pasture.  We have designed one new building that serves as both office and store.  It also provides a place to hold opening ceremonies and announce the parade.   It has been designed with features of an old country store front.  Work is still in process but below are some pictures of construction.  We thank Jim Westerman and Mark Dieckmann for spearheading this effort.

Footers    Footers2

April, 2015 - Footers poured

Safe room   

May, 2015 - Safe room laid up

Trusses    Rear


June, 2015 - Framing complete

Porch    Jim and Mark

July, 2015 - Got the porch up and windows in before the reunion - was fully functional

Siding started

October, 2015 - Siding started


August, 2016 - Siding completed

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