Woodworking Shop

Our woodworking shop exists in large part due to a generous donation from the estate of our former club president, Brian K. Vaughn, who passed in 2015. We hope it serves as a tribute to his memory and his love for machinery. Thank you to the many volunteers who contributed to this project!


The timbers for our woodworking shop came from a barn in Fayette County. It has some unique structural components, with double bracing and gun stock posts. It had been disassembled for 10 years and sat waiting to be raised in a new location.


The foundation was prepared and beams hauled to the grounds Sept. 2017.


Members volunteered their weekends through the summmer of 2018 to have the framework up for the show.


Siding and doors added in 2019


Thank you, Steve Fullenkamp, for building a cupola for our wood shop - very nice!

Placing the cupola video: placing cupola.mp4 


Ready for the reunion, August 2019