We have put together a list of frequently asked questions for you. Please read through before contacting the board to see if your question is answered here.

We prefer that people ride around on antique equipment on our grounds or walk for safety reasons. We understand that for some this creates difficulties due to age or disabilities. If you feel you need a golf cart or UTV, you may bring your own or call Indiana Golf Car at 317-984-9339 at least several days before the show. Whether you rent or bring your own, you will pay a $10 registration fee at the gate and have an arm band applied to the steering wheel. No sports utility vehicles allowed (RZR-type)! Licensed drivers only at the wheel. Drive safely and slowly and give pedestrians the right of way. You may not drive through the flea market unless you have proof of handicap. The board reserves the right to stop any unsafe driver and have them park their cart for the duration of the show. The speed limit on the grounds is 5 mph.

On Clean-up Sunday (week before the show), after everything is mowed, you may rope off an area for your equipment and bring it in. All markers must be removed by Thursday, or we will take them down for safety reasons. The large grassy area across from blacksmith shop and machine shop is reserved for feature equipment only.

7 AM. More information on our schedule can be found below the flyer here: Reunion Flyer

Please see the "Contact Us" page for this information if your question is not answered here. Please be patient for a reply. If a particular person is the contact for a given thing, it does little good to ask another person about it. This includes instant messaging Facebook. Please keep in mind we are all volunteers and have to work for a living.

Yes. There is also lots of delicious food and cool drinks available from our vendors on the grounds during our reunion.

Yes, but also some baggies to clean up after. Pets must be on a leash.

Exhibition only - no prizes, just for fun! No weights or fluid. No fixed clevis. One hook-up per tractor per class. Classes based on number of plow bottoms that can be pulled. No Outlaw Class. Division 1: 1938 and prior. Division 2: 1939-1952. If time allows, newer tractors may have an opportunity to pull. We need name plus exhibitor number when signing up. Pull is on Friday, 5 PM, weather permitting.

On the side of the equipment that is to the left of the driver. We need this for the parade, tractor pull, and any announcing for identification.


Quiet times are: during opening ceremonies, during church services, and 10 pm to 7 am daily. Machinery is to be parked after dark.

The main thing to remember is safety first! Operators must first of all be skilled in the use of their machinery. They must never leave running equipment unattended. Always give pedestrians the right-of-way. Keep in mind the extreme flammability of gasoline. Please maintain barriers erected for the safety of spectators and ensure they are not crossed.

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